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Written by ergonomic professionals, Insightful ERGONOMICS covers a variety of topics including ergonomic trends, programs, and different mindsets with the goal of helping you think about ergonomics in a slightly different way.

2019 Archive

Debunking Common Ergonomic Myths

When a product is marketed as “ergonomic” it must be good for you, right? The truth is this term can be applied very loosely, and we as consumers must be educated to understand the true benefit of product claims. Lets review four of the top ergonomic marketing myths we encounter.

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Moving Ergonomics Upstream in the Design Process

The planning phase of any design project is one of the most crucial times for an Ergonomist to be involved. Early integration of ergonomics can address concerns before they become problems which ultimately saves time and money in the long-term. Here are the reasons why.

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Why Empowering your Employees is Key to Successfully Implementing an Ergonomic Program

What exactly does ergonomics training entail? How can you make sure the training concepts are retained and applied? Here are four key components of an effective ergonomic training program.

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Pillow Talk - Ergonomics of Sleep

Everyone knows that sleep is important. We have all found out the hard way that a poor sleep can negatively affect traits such as attention, concentration, memory and decision-making. Most research states that adults require 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. This article provides tips you can try to ensure your body is adequately supported during inevitably prolonged, static postures while sleeping.

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Three Factors to Consider when Transitioning to an Open Concept Office

Many offices are now being designed to support everyone in one department, or multiple people across many departments, at desks with little to no barriers between them. Understanding the pros and cons associated with open concept workspaces is key to successfully supporting teams working in this environment. Here are three key factors to consider.

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly – Hand Held Device Use

Injuries relating to hand-held device use are on the rise, as a result it is important to be mindful of ergonomics when using them. Poor ergonomics and excessive use of hand held devices can contribute to overuse and posture related injuries. We've summarized research and developed tips to empower you to be mindful of ergonomics when using hand-held devices.

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Will your MSD Prevention Program Pass an Inspection?

The answer to this question will be important in October 2019. As part of a continuing increased focus on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) across all sectors, in October, Phase 2 of the Ministry of Labour: “Healthy Workers in Healthy Workplaces - MSD Disorders and Respiratory Initiative” on construction, health care, industrial, and mining sectors launches.

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