Our support and services can be provided on a project or problem specific basis and/or on an ongoing basis. We pride ourselves on being able to customize all of our services to best meet your objectives and needs.

Our services do not come pre-packaged to ensure that we are able to custom fit your needs. As a result, the following is only a sample listing of our services. If you are looking for support in an area that you do not see presented here, please feel free to contact us as we are always looking to better understand your needs.

New Technologies

Embracing new tools and technologies enables us to provide our clients with effective and efficient solutions using both traditional and remote methods. Options Incorporated is eager to discuss how we can assemble a solution for your ergonomic challenges.

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Office Ergonomics

Ensuring that staff is working in the most ergonomically ideal manner while in the office environment is a goal that impacts all companies at some level. This does not always require an onsite assessment but could be managed through education and staff empowerment. As a result, and due to varying client demands, proximity, and locations, we have developed a three (3) level program based on this premise.

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General Ergonomics

An ergonomic evaluation or quantification of physical demands are beneficial on both a proactive and reactive basis. These services can provide clarity to understanding the demands of a process, or an opportunity to understand areas of risk and identify potential methods of containment.

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MSD Prevention Programs

Establishing a program to guide and monitor MSD risk identification and reduction activity is critical to long-term success and true MSD prevention. At Options Incorporated, we have developed, implemented, and supported leveling up of many client MSD prevention programs. Through gap analysis and audits we have experience aiding in streamlining MSD prevention programs to best meet your unique needs.

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Training and Awareness

Knowledge of ergonomic principles, tools, and techniques in addition to understanding how to apply these to ones workplace is critical to empower workers. We have developed and implemented unique programs and methods to share this knowledge with core specialists, teams, and your larger workforce.

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