Insightful Ergonomics Graphic

Learning from others and reading about success stories can be value added with brainstorming and overall learning. Feel free to search and reference our experiences and projects presented.

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Office Ergo Online Graphic

Our Office Ergo Online is an online training program that educates workers on how to set up their computer workstation according to accepted guidelines and standards.

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ErgoBits Graphic

A “Bit” of knowledge can go a long way! Our ErgoBits program provides proactive education and awareness to workers as a key step in a successful and effective musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) prevention program. This is provided on a monthly basis after a short, one-time set up process.

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Workplace Athletics Graphic

Workplace Athletics was developed to aid understanding of how biomechanical principles apply to workplace postures. The goal is to relate ideal postures to commonly known athletic related movements so they can be easily and quickly remembered and identified.

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MSD Prevention Templates

Establishing a formalized program focused around the prevention of a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) is key to ensuring that your system and activity are effective and efficient. We believe that components of MSD Prevention programs are standards and thus provide templated you can use and share.

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Collecting and collating subjective feedback provides valuable and unique insight into the mindset of your workforce. Conducting online surveys permits this information to be collected easily, and at a time that is convenient for your staff.

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