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2018 Archive

Maximizing your Bottom Line with Ergonomics.

When you think about the word “Ergonomics” where does your mind go? Ergonomics is widely accepted as a crucial component of a well-rounded industrial health and safety program, but how can it also help your company hit its non-safety-related targets?

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Office Technology: What Makes a Workstation Effective?

If you are new to office ergonomics, you might be wondering where to get started. What do ergonomic improvements look like? How do you choose the right equipment and will it be expensive? If you are wondering about these things, relax, and review this article where we share some of our industry trends.

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Ergonomic Survey Methods: Collect Quality Feedback to Drive Ergonomic Change!

Maximizing worker survey participation is critical to ensuring all workers' perspectives are understood when making positive ergonomic change. Find out how you can improve worker participation and feedback quality when surveying your staff.

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Hot-Desking, Hoteling, Home Office or Flexible Workspace: Where Does Ergonomics Fit In?

Do you travel for work or complete work from home? Having the knowledge on ideal workstation set up and the ability to access remote assessment services can assist in injury prevention as well as improving productivity.

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Physical Demands Analysis: What Else Can It Do For You?

With Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) reporting requirements, return on investment (ROI), and efficiency key measurables for businesses, we are all challenged to implement a Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) management system that eliminates wasted time, repeat data collection, and maximizes data accessability/uses.

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Cognitive Ergonomics: Why Successful Companies Consider Mental Performance.

Ergonomics is commonly accepted as a solution for improved physical performance and injury prevention. However, considering the positive impact of cognitive ergonomics including human perception, mental processing, and memory is often overlooked.

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Job Rotation: Is It Effective?

The effectiveness of job rotation has been an ongoing debate amongst ergonomists for years. In our professional opinion, job rotation is...

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Exoskeletons: Reality in Manufacturing or Science Fiction?

The future has arrived and exoskeletons are assisting workers by supporting weighted tools/parts, static/prolonged postures, and/or simply performing tasks more efficiently. However integrating exoskeleton equipment must be carefully considered to avoid creating new risks associated with the job task.

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