Training and Awareness

Knowledge of ergonomic principles, tools, and techniques in addition to understanding how to apply these within the work environment is critical to empower workers and advance MSD Prevention Programs. We have developed and implemented unique programs and methods to share this knowledge with core specialists, teams, and your larger workforce.

Offering our services through different platforms and types of media provides us flexibility to support you in a manner that best matches your company culture and working style. Our programs cover all levels and aspects of ergonomics to support general awareness or completion of more detailed risk identification.

Our generic training programs include the following:

  • Ergo Basics: awareness of ergonomic risk factors and ideal postures;
  • Ergonomics for Bus Drivers: awareness of ergonomic risk factors, role specific body mechanics and equipment set up;
  • Manual Material Handling and Ideal Body Mechanics: awareness of ergonomic risk factors, body mechanics, and lifting techniques; &
  • Office Ergonomics Lunch ‘n Learn: general office workstation set-up.

Train the Evaluator

  • Ergonomic Evaluator - Train the Evaluator: train select staff to complete high level risk assessments and identify potential solutions; &
  • Office Ergonomics - Train the Evaluator: train select staff to complete general office workstation assessments and successfully adjust equipment.
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