New Technologies

Embracing new tools and technologies enables us to provide our clients with effective and efficient solutions. Options Incorporated is eager to discuss how we can assemble a solution for your ergonomic challenges.

Data Collection and Storage

Providing our clients with methods to collect and store their data electronically allows them to automate, streamline, and maximize usability of information. We utilize methods that ensure the data is securely stored and can easily be shared and accessed.

We are able to improve objectivity, quality, and streamline the overall efficiency of completing standard services through use of various technology tools and platforms.

Remote Ergonomics

Supporting our clients through remote and virtual workstation assessments and reporting methods streamlines launching, monitoring, and measuring company wide MSD office and industrial ergonomics programs.

These services can be beneficial in isolation or when coupled together to target a specific problem. They are also effective when applied on a larger scale as part of an MSD Prevention program.

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