Digital Tools

Embracing new tools and technologies enables us to provide our clients with effective and efficient solutions. We are excited to be partnering with MyAbilities and enhancing ergonomic solutions through digital advancements. Options Incorporated is eager to discuss how we can assemble a solution for your ergonomic challenges.

Digital Job Profiles

Digitizing job profiles, this tool automates and streamlines the traditional method of completing PDDs. This platform ensures the data you collect is securely stored and can easily be shared and accessed from any location which together increases data utility and usability.


Utilizing the artificial intelligence (AI) integrated in this tool improves objectivity, quality and streamlines the overall efficiency of completing PDAs. This tool compliments digital job profiles to enhance the data easily available across your company.


Providing access to a reliable office workstation self-assessment tool allows you to efficiently and effectively launch a company wide office ergonomics program, regardless of proximity of your workforce. Integration of videos enhances usability and available online professional support works to assemble solutions for your workforce.


Use of these tools supports the immediate deliverable (PDD, ROSA) but also builds a central source of data for your use in other projects supporting an overall lean system.

These services can be beneficial in isolation or when coupled together to target a specific problem. They are also effective when applied on a larger scale as part of a program.

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