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Written by ergonomic professionals, our Insightful ERGONOMICS newsletter covers a variety of topics including ergonomic trends, programs, and different mindsets with the goal of helping you think about ergonomics in a slightly different way.

2020 Edition

It’s Time to make it Official and Implement your Remote Office Standard

It is apparent that remote working is here to stay and as companies formalize their return to work plans this presents a new challenge! How can we re-locate equipment back to the office while still permitting staff to work at an ideally set up remote workstation? Methodically answering this question by taking the time to proactively develop and communicate a remote office standard is value-added for everyone.

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Stop Just "Making it Work" - It’s Time to Practice Remote Working Self Care!

Well, it looks like remote working is set to become a permanent part of your work week! As a result, it's time to really look at your setup and your space to see what tweaks and changes can be made to set you up for longer term success. It's time for some self care ergonomics!

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Shining a Spotlight on the Invisible – Fatigue at Work

Many of us are exhausted from dealing with increased feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. This doesn’t come as a surprise as there is an abundance of research to demonstrate links between mental health issues and fatigue. This article highlights how fatigue may be impacting staff and outlines the importance of considering a fatigue management program as business operations begin to resume.

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