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Office Ergo Online is an online training program that educates workers on how to set up their computer workstation according to accepted guidelines and standards.


  • reviews basic ergonomics principles and how they apply to the office environment;
  • provides step by step computer workstation set up guidance for both desktop and laptop computer users;
  • outlines Stretches for the Office Environment;
  • outlines Signs and Symptoms associated with common problems experienced as a result of poor computer workstation layout; &
  • option of two different versions: Basic (Instructional only); and Advanced (instructional with reporting and tracking).


  • allows you to educate all of your employees on Office Ergonomics at their convenience;
  • minimizes new employees from developing repetitive strain injuries or bad habits before their orientation can be completed;
  • allows you to implement a Proactive Ergonomics program with minimal effort or program management;
  • the Advanced version allows you to track areas of concern and identify "red flags" quickly; &
  • the Advanced version provides you with data allowing you to show effectiveness of the program and due diligence.

In order to facilitate the general populations knowledge of office ergonomics, the Basic version of the Office Ergo Online can be accessed free of charge via the below link. If you are interested in the Advanced version of this tool, with the tracking, reporting and due diligence, this can be accessed for a fee based on the number of users. Please contact us for a customized cost outline.

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