Office Ergonomics

Ensuring that staff are working in the most ergonomically ideal manner whether working remotely or at the office is a critical component of an effective MSD Prevention program. This does not always require an onsite individual assessment but could be managed through team education and staff empowerment. As a result, due to increasing client requests as well as the increasing acceptance of working remotely, we have developed a three (3) level program.

  • Level 1:  Office Ergo Online (our FREE online tool), Lunch'n Learns, and Webinars;
  • Level 2:  Office Ergo Coaching Sessions (virtual or traditional); &
  • Level 3:  Individual Office Assessments (virtual or traditional).

The three (3) levels compliment each other and can be conducted as a program or as individual services. The degree of support increases from solely educational at Level 1, up to individual assessment with a full report at Level 3.

Providing office ergonomic support on a tiered basis, across virtual or traditional mediums, has been shown effective in streamlining allocation of resources to maximize impact.

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