Will your MSD Prevention Program Pass an Inspection?

Written by: Kirsti MacAulay, CCPE, Principal Ergonomist

The answer to this question will be important in October 2019. As part of a continuing increased focus on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) across all sectors, in October, Phase 2 of the Ministry of Labour: “Healthy Workers in Healthy Workplaces - MSD Disorders and Respiratory Initiative” on construction, health care, industrial, and mining sectors launches.

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Although the specific areas that will be focused on in each sector will vary, the common areas of focus include ensuring:

  • employers have provided training to workers on safe handling practices of manual materials or patient/clients;
  • employers have written procedures on safe handling and positioning practices;
  • lifting equipment is being used and is properly inspected and maintained;
  • items are stored to permit safe handling and use;
  • handling of items while on a ladder is done in safe manner; &
  • pathways are clear of obstructions/hazards and smooth access/egress paths are available.

Options Incorporated (OI) has supported numerous clients by auditing their MSD Prevention Programs and developing a level-up action plan through use of our OI Ergonomics System. This could include reviewing your existing ergonomics or MSD prevention program to ensure it includes a systematic method of; identifying ergonomic hazards, identifying potential controls, implementing a prioritized action plan to ideally eliminate, or at minimum mitigate, the identified risks. This could also include a review of your training programs and methods to ensure they effectively target safe handling of manual materials or patients/clients.

Taking the proactive approach towards ensuring your Ergonomics/MSD Prevention Program is effective will help set you up for a successful Ministry of Labour Inspection. Please reach out if you have any questions as our experienced consultants are available and ready to help.

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