Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

While acknowledging it is impractical to completely avoid environmentally harmful materials and activities, we do recognize the importance of reducing our environmental impact at the corporate level. In many instances, reducing our consumption of resources has an inverse and complimentary impact on our business operations.

For these reasons, we are committed to developing and practicing new solutions, which demonstrate our environmental stewardship. This focus is presently concentrated in three (3) areas:

Waste Reduction

Our goal is to achieve a paperless office. Ultimately this maximizes the use of portable wireless devices, e-mail and web based applications to facilitate personal interactions both externally and internally and eliminates the need for paper-based document management.

Waste Disposal

Our office recycles all waste paper, plastics, batteries, printer cartridges, and surplus electronic devices. We always ensure that any hazardous waste is disposed of in approved facilities to minimize any negative environmental impact.

Emissions Reduction

We strive to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by reducing vehicle travel time required to meet with clients. Conference calls and use of web based communication are promoted to replace short face-to-face meetings. When travel is unavoidable, our team is encouraged to utilize public transportation whenever practicable, car-pool and/or geographically group appointments to maximize efficiencies and reduce emissions.

We take great pride in stimulating continual innovation and demonstrating a willingness to incorporate further initiatives to minimize our environmental impact.