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Wrists & Hands

Computer work requires repetitive movements of wrists, hands, and fingers, placing considerable strain on our muscles and tendons. These stretches will help to reduce repeitive movement, decreasing the amount of stress placed on the muscles. Performing these exercises will also increase circulation to the hands, increasing muscular comfort and relaxation.

1. Flexor/Extensor Stretch

Place right arm in front of body with elbow flexed at a 90 angle, palm facing downward. Use the left hand to gently bend wrist upwards until a slight stretch is felt. Return to resting position. Using left hand, gently bend wrist downward. Repeat exercise with right hand.

Note: Do not pull on fingers, use the palm of the hand.

Wrist Extension
Wrist Flexion

2. Wrist Rotation

Place left arm in front of body in semiprone position (handshaking position). Slowly rotate your palm upwards until a stretch is felt. Place arm in resting position. Slowly rotate your palm downward until a stretch is felt. Repeat exercise with right wrist.

Rotation Exercise

3. Finger Fan

Make a fist (palm facing down) with left hand. Slowly spread thumb and fingers far apart from one another and hold. Repeat exercise with right hand.

4. Hook Stretch

Make a fist with the left hand and slowly straighten fingers into a hook position and hold. Repeat exercise with right hand.

Fan and Hook Stretch
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