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Legs & Hips

Maintaining the legs in a static position will keep the muscles and tendons in a fixed contracted state, leading to muscle strain and fatigue. These exercises will increase circulation to the muscles, increasing relaxation and comfort.

1. Leg Bend

While seated, hold onto left leg by interlacing fingers just behind the knee. Slowly pull leg towards chest. Repeat exercise with right leg.

Leg Bend

2. Calf Stretch

Stand a minimal distance from a solid support, leaning against it using your forearms as support. Bend the left leg, with the left foot placed in front of your body. Keep the right leg straight behind you (heel flat on floor). Slowly move hips forward. Repeat exercise with left leg.

Calf Stretch

3. Ankle Rotation

While seated, hold left leg straight (toes pointing upward). Point toes toward body and hold. Return to starting position. Point toes to the left and hold, and then to the right and hold. Return to starting position. Point toes forward (away from body) and hold. Repeat exercise with right leg.

Ankle Rotation

Ankle RotationAnkle Rotation

4. Walking

Walk around for a few seconds. Try to rotate between different tasks.

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