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Lower Back

Static back postures will create muscle fatigue and strain. Further, a chair that does not provide proper lumbar support will require the back muscles to solely maintain the back's neutral posture, also creating muscular fatigue. These stretching exercises will relax the back muscles relieving tension and fatigue.

1. Back Extension

Stand in a neutral position with knees slightly bent and legs slightly apart. Place both hand on your lower back (just above hips) with fingers pointing downward. Slowly bend backward until a slight stretch is felt. Hold position.

Back Extension

2. Side Stretch

Stand in a neutral position with legs slightly apart. Relax arms by side. Slowly creep left hand down thigh towards knee and hold. Repeat exercise with right side.

3. Back Flexion

Sit upright in a chair. Slowly bend forward until you feel tension in your back. Hold position.

Back Flexion

4. Reach

While seated or standing, reach upwards with both arms and hold.

Back Reach
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